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Sports Jenny on 10 May 2007 03:37 am

Djarum Indonesia Open Super Series 2007 live score

Let me bring you to Istora Senayan in Jakarta today. No, we are not going there to drink tomyam soup or to seek cheap sex, but to watch some sleek badminton actions! Yes, the Djarum Indonesia Open Super Series 2007 has just kicked off in Jakarta yesterday.

You say sad or not, even before I reach there, one of Malaysia’s hope in men’s single, Mohd Hafiz Hashim was sent packing home by Indonesia’s Simon Santoso in the first round only! How could a previous All England champion lost so tamely like that?

Doesn’t matter, let’s see how Malaysia Number 1 single player Lee Chong Wei fare facing Simon Santoso.

If you are working and can’t join me in Jakarta, don’t worry OK. You can watch live scoring online with Visual LiveScore.

Visual LiveScore Screenshoots
Here you can view all the current games and their scores. You can click on each court to see the current game that is being played. You say high tech or not?

Player Match Overview
Click on a player’s name on the current scoring, and the match overview will be displayed on different page. Here, you can check out the overview of the matches the player had played in the tournament.

So sexciting is this live scoring system, right? The only shortcoming it lacks is live video or telecast from Jakarta!

match statistics
Click on the Stats tab on the screen, it will show you the statistic of the current selected game.

Now excuse me please… I need to catch Xie Xing Fang!

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  1. on 10 May 2007 at 3:52 am 1.Chapree Da Grande said …

    What? You in Jakarta now? Woahhh…all the to the Malaysian squad. Bolehland boleh! XD

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